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Thread: My iphone is hot!!!!

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    Default My iphone is hot!!!!
    On a serious note, I hope someone can help me. It's a very strange problem, and although I have some knowledge with these phones, I can't fix it. Here is what happened: While I was workin on my car, I left my iphone sitting on the dash, of my other car. By the time I realized this, my iphone was like a baked potato!!! I mean it was burning hot. I panicked, and threw the phone on a bed of ice, to cool it down. I tried turning it on, with no such luck. I took the phone in the house, and plugged it into the charger, and something amazing happend; the apple logo appeared, with a lovely blue screen behind it. I tried doing a reset, and then the sync with itunes logos show up. Problem is, once I disconnect the external power, the screen goes black. Any response I get from the phone, is when it's plugged in. It does not respond to being plugged into the usb port of my computer, nor does itunes recognize it. Should I attempt to start the phone in dfu mode? Has anyone else gone through this? Not like it really matters, but i'm running firmware 1.1.3

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    Sounds like its cooked. Try DFU mode, you really have nothing to lose at this point.
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    I downloaded iliberty+, still wasn't able to put the phone in dfu. The options are there, I just can't start them. I'm assuming, it's because my computer doesn't even recognize the phone, since it's not responding to any usb ports. If I can get the itunes sync screen to come on, the phone must somewhat be responding. I just don't understand why it doesn't work when plugged into a usb port.

    Come on peeps. 86 views, and no one has an idea?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vietladin View Post

    Come on peeps. 86 views, and no one has an idea?
    Download ZiPhone and try it.
    ZiPhone has found my phone when Liberty+ was unaele to.

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    Sounds like a hardware issue to me and no amount of restoring is going to fix a baked phone.

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