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Thread: Restoring AT&T carrier logo...problem with a TWIST!

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    Default Restoring AT&T carrier logo...problem with a TWIST!
    OK, so I have a launch day iPhone that worked great until a week ago. Out of no place, the bottom of my touch screen stops working. Don't panic I thought, according to I am still covered by warranty until June 29.

    I do a full restore so Apple don't see the hack goodies. It all went well except for one thing...the carrier logo is still custom.

    I don't think Apple will do much for me if they turn on the iPhone and get:

    "H4x0r!" instead of "AT&T".

    So, anyway to change it back without using the iPhone itself? Can't re-jailbreak it and use MiM because the portion of the screen that doesn't work includes the On Screen keyboard :/


    I still have 10 days under warranty... :-) I'm using OS X, I assume there is a way to do this "manually" using SSH and copying some files...?
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    simple solution, re hack the iphone, ssh into the iphone, change default carrier logo png back to original, then restore iphone and should now have def. at&t :P

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    I remember there was a program on a Mac that you could to that. **** I cant remember the name. Just google around a bit and you might find it...

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    Mine did this, too when I restored. Just reset all settings and turn it on and off (hard and soft). I think I eventually got mine to go away, but I rejailbroke, so I'm not sure.

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    Try a DFU restore. That should take care of it.

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    DFU restore it and do not sync with the backup until you get a new one
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    I don't know the application name on Mac...but for Windows, you could use iPhoneBroswer to browse (and change) the files on your iPhone.
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    I know I'm a few years late, but I thought Id' post it anyway incase other ppl need it! it's called iPhone Explorer. Hahahaha! Don't forget to install the "afc2add"package in Cydia in order to access the full root of your jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch!
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