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Thread: :( Help me!

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    Default :( Help me!
    Yesterday I tried to uninstall some 3rd party apps via Installer and decided that HWPen took too much space for what I was using it for so I unistalled, I then got the "restart your iPhone," hit the Home button but was too hasty to hold down the power button while the Springboard was still refreshing, then my phone froze, I left it while I was out and now when I switch it on it just stays on the screen with the Apple Logo...

    I'm scared incase I've broken it but I need to fix it or by my parents standards I'm dead...

    So I'm wondering what I should do and if there is any solutions, wait or something else, upgrade? I'm not sure...

    Firmware: 1.1.1 Unlocked & Jailbroken
    OS: Vist

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    just curious, but why firm. 1.1.1? why not 1.1.4?

    doesnt anyone like to be up to date?


    anyways, a restore might be a possibility, simple test:

    if ssh is installed, attempt to log in

    if system was last on wifi, or auto connects and was on before failure, attempt to ping it

    start>run>type: cmd ;then enter>ping (where the is ur phones ip address)

    a reply will show that ur iphone is on and working, not getting you to the GUI we all love and know so well

    if no reply, phones not booting up all the way and a restore might be best option

    of course im no pro, this is just my best educated guess(but remember thats if wifi was on and u have ssh)

    other than that, not to sure, anyone else wanna jump in an say something? little help over here, wheres MATTMAC?

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    Okay, thanks I'll try that but I need to see if it can be fixed from the Apple Logo, I'm not keen on upgrading or whatever because I'm scared in case it truely breaks.

    I'll try your tip now but do you know what I can do if the GUI wont work?

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    I think your best bet would be to do a DFU restore:

    1. Connect to your computer, hold the power and home buttons down (the iphone will power off after about 10 seconds, but keep holding both buttons down)
    2. As soon as the iPhone powers off, (black screen) release the power button (but keep holding the home button down). (If you see the apple logo or connect to itunes logo you are not in DFU mode so try it again)
    3. After about 20 seconds or so, Itunes should see your iphone. It is now safe to release the home button, and your iPhone is in DFU mode.
    Now iTunes should ask you to restore its firmware.

    Restore to 1.1.4 and jailbreak with iliberty+

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    I'm new to this so be patient while I'm weary.

    Does iLiberty+ Jailbreak and unlock because I'm using O2 Pay-And-Go but I don't want to loose my number or anything...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewTong View Post
    I'm new to this so be patient while I'm weary.

    Does iLiberty+ Jailbreak and unlock because I'm using O2 Pay-And-Go but I don't want to loose my number or anything...

    youll never loose ur number as thats stored on the sim

    yes iliberty will unlock ur phone for u(unlock only allows u to have to potential to change the phone in ways not meant by apple) while the unlock process actually dont change much

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    Is there any chance it may mess up, if so what can I try then?

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    Just follow the instructions carefully and don't take shortcuts.

    If you do the jailbreak with iliberty+. After the reboot go to settings > general > autolock and set autolock to never and then refresh cydia. After that finishes, install "installer" from cydia.

    BigBoss has a nice tutorial on iliberty+ at:
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    When I'm on iLiberty+ do I need to activate my phone or will I be okay?

    Last but not least, roughly, how long will this process take?

    That's all my questions, then I'll attempt this tomorrow when I get home from school!

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    Once you restore, the iliberty+ only takes a few minutes.
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    Do I need to check the 'Activate' tab on iLiberty+?

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    only if the phone needs to be activated, if it wont activate then yes use iliberty to do so(only happens in certain circumstances

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