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Thread: Iphone, biggest disapointment ever, plz help

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    Default Iphone, biggest disapointment ever, plz help
    iI bought a Iphone, cuz I knew I wanted one the first time I saw it. Mine is unlocked and jailbroken. I live in Canada. This thing has NEVER worked right. At first I had a few people suggest it was zip-fone. Use iLiberty so I did. Same thing. Now I'm missing calls. It randomly shuts off. Freezes when it turns back on. And to top it off has a very poor battery life. Maybe 10 hours. Sometimes when I go to the settings menu it just shows a blank screen and pretty much freezes. I don't know what to do. I'm pretty much heart broken. I love this phone even though it's pretty much useless. I just want it to work. what do I do?

    plz, if someone could help I want to fix my phone.....
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    restore the phone to 1.1.4 and then re-unlock again. dont sync with the backup and then sync after the restore.
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    tried this many times.... sometimes it seems to work for a short peroid, but never lasts.... is there something that could totally wipe out the fone???? something more "in-depth" then just a simple restore????? is there such a thing as virginizing the fone??? I've heard of the term, but don't know what to do.... sorry if I sound like a total noob, but I feel like I've done everything I can... I'm starting to feel like I got a flashy paper weight.... like I can't even sell this thing, cuz I doubt it would werk long enough to sell...

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    There are thousands of happy iphone users all over with jailbroken phones, and not many problems.
    1st, the batter life. If you think about it, 10 hours of use isnt bad if you are using it for games, apps, etc. It uses alot of power, and theres no way around it. I installed a bigger than stock battery, and mine lasts close to double what it did w/ the stock battery.
    Next, it seems like your jailbreaks keep having problems. If done correctly, and w/ the right software, there should be no problems @ all, until you install certain apps that make your phone freeze and crash, like KATE.
    I hope you get it sorted, so you can really enjoy it.
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    sell your iphone on ebay, idiot boy
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    the 10 hours I'm talking about isn't actual use, but stand by. for example. I fully charged my fone the other nite and went to bed. by the time I woke up like 7 hours later it was dead. not ringing, not anything, just pure standby

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    It's possible you simply have one of the low percentage of iPhones that have hardware problems. It could be a bad connection with the battery, it could be a faulty circuit board etc. The problem with not running off of AT&T is that you can't use your warranty to get a new one.

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    Stupid question: did you buy it new directly from Apple?

    If not, then that is your answer... many mishandled iPhones have hit the resell arena and are being sold as new when in reality they may have serious internal damage.

    For example, my niece dropped my wife's iPhone in the toilet. We rescued it but it has had similar problems like you mention. On the outside it looks new but on the inside I prefer not to know. Now my daughter has an expensive Touch that used to be an iPhone...

    If that is not your case, then here are some tips:

    Missing calls: Make sure you have a BaseBand that is at least 04.04.05_G or higher.
    If you have setup email fetching, while this task is active, the data call will give incoming callers a busy signal and send the call to VM. Advise you to set the fetch to preferably 1hr or 30 min. Switch to a Push email account or consider MobileMe upon the release of FW 2.0; it has push services that for the most part will lower the data usage to only when it is really needed.

    Freezes: Get rid of any unauthorized APPs by reinstalling factory 1.1.4 and PWN it and install an IPSW build that is clean of any packages. Once done, in iTunes don't restore your backup settings. Do make sure you backup your contacts and such either in Outlook (PC) or AddressBook (MAC). I don't recommend you to use any apps other than WinPWN (PC) or Pwnage Tool (MAC) to jailbreak, activate, and unlock.

    Battery: Your previous unlock/jail.... application may have installed SSH together with BSD subsystem. SSH may drain your battery if you don't turn off it's service (BigBoss tools...)
    Make sure your new installation does not include any of these packages.
    Per my email fetching comment, every data call is a battery drain. if you set your fetch to 15 min you will quickly drain your battery (and get missed calls).
    Turn off your WiFi unless you really need it. Even if you are not connected to a base station WiFi, if left on, will drain your battery every time you have your device on.

    Once you have more of a controlled environment device, you will be able to figure out if indeed you have a lemon or not.
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    Just restore to 1.1.4, Jailbreak, Activate and Unlock using iDemocracy3. After just setup a new iPhone on iTunes (don't restore it from a backup), then restart your iPhone while connected to iTunes and you will get a (iPhone Activated) message on your iPhone screen.
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    Restore it, and trade it in at the nearest apple store. You could just have a bad phone.
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    Do not install tons of apps on your iPhone - that's not good for the phone and for the battery

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