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Thread: Iphone problem. Please help

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    Default Iphone problem. Please help
    I have a WINDOWS PC and UNLOCKED 1.1.4 iPHONE.

    I was listening to music when my iphone froze. I rebooted it and now it freezes at the apple logo and restarts every 30 seconds, still freezing at the logo. I don't know what to do. I want to restore it, but iTunes can't detect my iphone because it keeps restarting. and if I restore it, I don't want to update it because my phone might be bricked. and I don't know how to unlock it again if i restore it... Please help by giving me step by step instructions. I'd really appreciate it.

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    well u picked the right place to ask for help

    not sure why ur phone is just restarting every 30 seconds, what did you install prior to failure?

    also to get the phone to work and itunes id recommend u download ziphone and put the phone in recovery mode

    connect it to itunes and restore the iphone
    just firmware not full system as u may come across complications later on)

    once iphone is working again use iliberty to hack the iphone(no technical exp.

    and then u should be able to do the rest on ur own(d/l programs, add photos, etc.)

    hope this helps

    oh and the only way i can see a phone being bricked is if u throw it in water

    (if u have used a unlocking program to use with any network, have no fear as there is a sloution for that, continue with instructions above, restore iphone, if unlocked it will ask for u to connect it to itunes put it in dfu mode, connect to itunes, press ctrl + o (i believe) and revert to 1.0.1, back then the iphone was able to be unlocked, but after apples update it wont allow it, and then re update from 1.0.1 to 1.1.4 and bam, apple will never know it was is of course worst case scenario)
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    After the restore, iTunes is making me activate my phone.
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    it will automatically activate, if not then use ziphone and press the activate button, youll be good to go ina few clicks

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    I agree.

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