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Thread: Plz Plz help me! My iphone doesnt start and i can't here disc running :(

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    Default Plz Plz help me! My iphone doesnt start and i can't here disc running :(
    I was playing with iphone this morning and installer suddenly couldnt open. it happened to other apps be4 so i thought it was normal just turn it off and on again....but since i turned the phone just never started again...

    It only shows the apply logo and what's worse than the other frezzes i chked online is I could not even hear the disc running!!!!! (It just feels soooo horrifying since i m a uni student doing engineering...:S)

    After frustration i left for the whole afternoon and the battery ran out. it told me to charge so i put it back onto dock to charge, what was new now i can hear the disc running this time when the sceen shows the charging sign but it keeps turning back to restart apple logo after a while and when the logo is on, the disc is not running again....

    I am going really mad now....plz plz help me!!

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    is it under warranty? should be so take it to apple and get it replaced

    btw correct me if im wrong but i dont think real apple iphones have a hdd in it, so u shouldnt hear anything coming from the iphone
    which only leads me to bleieve you have a fake iphone, in this case, no one here can help...sorry

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    You might have to restore. Does iTunes recognize the iphone?

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    no i dont have a warranty but it was given by a mobile carrier company so it should be fake... :S
    if it doesnt have a hhd but i think u can at least hear something when it's working...

    and no...itunes doesnt recongnize it... :S

    oh...iphone uses NAND flash memery..stupid me...but yeh anyway...
    maybe I'll just leave it for a night...and if it can't save itself from hell...i'll take it to a store to fix...
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    wow , what did you install recently?
    that might have messed it up

    try using ziphone and see if you can get it into dfu mode or restore mode

    someone once said in these forums" if it turns on it can be saved".....that is if you feel that ur phone is broken then in ur case its still savable, lol

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    Restore in DFU mode.

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