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Thread: no unlock or lock sound

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    Default no unlock or lock sound
    i used the iBrickr to customize my lock n unlock setting and added some southpark sounds. i upload n etc to the phone and restart the phone and now theres no sound at all? maybe im missing a App? any input please?

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    check :


    look for lock.caf and unlock.caf

    if those files arent there that ur problem

    if they are, make sure they are in proper format (.caf)

    if you need help converting a song just use itunes(if you dont know how to do it in itunes pm me and ill tell ya)

    .wma .mp3 wont work......has to be .caf ad this is the extension the system looks for and uses

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    its their. i tried using ibrickr and customize. on customize its their on CAF so i applyed it to the LOCK and nothing .

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    have you tried applying a different sound, in customize revert back to old sound/original backup and see what happens

    if the original back up was fine before applying then it will show that ur file, customize, and iphone have a break somewhere

    simple solution, go to:

    and replace lock.caf and unlock.caf with desired file(s)

    (also always back up the file your gonna replace, otherwise complications may come in the near future)

    when messing with ur iphone, always remember, you may have to take a step back to take a step forward

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    this is what i did. i loaded my phone to the ibrickr then went to sounds and changed the lock n unlock sound. both of the music was in CAF and are both like 5 seconds long.

    also i also go to private/VaR/root/libary/ and there is no customize ...... i have customize as one of my apps on my phone tho ; /

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    hmm not sure whats going on with ur customize and phone

    do you have a mac or pc, if on a pc download WINSCP

    install that and then put in ur phones ip, root, alpine

    and then u should be in

    go to the sounds dir i listed earlier and try that

    if that fails, try un installing customize and then replace the sound file wiout customize

    reason is, customize is a very powerful program, and some settings on it can conflict with the settings u set in another program

    btw, messenger is always on

    btw i just checked my phone and i dont have customize in that dir either so i guess thats not a problem, lol
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    hmm how did you customize ur sounds like voicemail n unlock n lock n etc... also whats ur AIM? iconpomona? its showing ur not on mine is xxxgyoungstarxx

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    yes my aim is

    going to pm u

    haha i didnt use customize for my sounds, as it seems to complicated, so i just ssh into iphone and replace file of sound im trying to change

    i added you on my messenger list but your not showing up

    i also have yahoo and hotmail, if all else fails i have myspace/my website is the link
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    sorry i fell a sleep cuz of this massive headche. anyways i downloaded that WINSCP and i put everything my linksys ip addres n etc and it wont connect .... thats just great.... any other way to change my sound?

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    Install OpenSSH and BSD to your phone first, then it will work.

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    YEY, i got him all fixed up and working =]

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