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Thread: where has my Vibrate gone?

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    Default where has my Vibrate gone?
    This phone has been full of issues lately.

    Just today I noticed the phone is no longer vibrating. Is there a know fix? I tried searching but the problem does not appear to be common.


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    You shouldn't have used it so much on your girl, now it broke.

    I haven't heard of Vibrate stopping... What happens if you put the phone in silent mode?
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    BAHAHA that was funny. Very funny for a stranger saying that.

    The vibrate function appears to be working now. Weird! I shut the phone off numerous times to reboot it and nothing happened. It appears to be working all the sudden.

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    My first iPhone did the same thing, they replaced it for free.
    Now it's happening again...

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    YUP. It's doing it again. All of the sudden the vibrate function doesn't work again.

    I wish it was a known issue. With the quiet ringer, you count on the vibrate working...

    well being Canadian with a unlocked iPhone, what is my best way about getting a warranty exchange iPhone?

    I think I will lose sleep tonight with knowing the vibrate function is broken...
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    i have heard of this before. i would suggest you go to the apple store and they will replace it , but if you have an unlocked iphone, i think your S.O.L because even if you got apple to replace it, you would get one in return with the new 4.06 bootloader on it, making it non-unlockable but you could still use it as an ipod touch
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