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Thread: Headset/Line In via Dock Connector?

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    Default Headset/Line In via Dock Connector?
    Hi there,

    I'm new here but I'm not new to modding phones and cars. I've been over at ModMyMoto for quite a while. Now I have an idea and I need opinions and input.

    I've got an iPod dock integrated into my car's dashboard. It charges my iPod Video, and provides direct line into the head unit. It also happens to be very stylish and when the ipod's not plugged in, it is invisible. Here's a pic:

    Now, I'm getting an iPhone next week, and I'd really love to have my iPhone so stylishly integrated into my car.

    So I'd like to know if anyone knows, can the iPhone's dock connector be used for a headset?

    I've looked at the dock connector pinout on, and I know there's a line out and a line in on the dock connector, but I don't know if the iPhone (as yet) supports it.

    I'd prefer not to have to use the 3.5mm jack to integrate this into the car.

    If I can run this through the dock connector, I can use this to connect a small microphone somewhere in my car and the audio into the car speakers.

    Anyone have any idea if this is even remotely possible?

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    i'm looking for exactly the same but can't find something. Did you find a dockingstation with line-in?


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    yes it will work. a line in refers to the signal going into the ipod.

    its the line out that you need

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    !?!?! you are talking about...?

    no no! we dont need the line out! To use a headset we need in AND out. But i got detailed informations from apple. the iphone didn't support the audio in/out for a call over the dock-connector. the dock-connector support only Music or audio from movies...

    if you want to use a headset to call you have to use the plug on the top of the device. or bluetooth...

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