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Thread: Is AT&T Killing The iPhone 3G?

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    Default Is AT&T Killing The iPhone 3G?
    With all this nonsense that AT&T is throwing at us with the ridiculous, expensive plans, are they going to kill iPhone 3G sales? Nobody want to upgrade and everyone who wants to unlock will not be able to, so they won't buy it.

    What do you guys think?
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    The plans are not ridiculously expensive, especially if you already have an iPhone. It's just $10 more to your current data plan for the 3G now, as opposed to the EDGE iPhone plan before. AT&T, though, is indeed slightly pricey in general, I agree.

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    AT&T is doing nothing wrong just cause they raised the data plan 10.00 and makes you activate in the stores. Big deal thats what every body should be doing cense AT&T is the official carrier of the Iphone. But now every one who unlocks the phone is screaming. I like to cusimize my phone just like every body else but I don't think it's AT&T fault. There will be ways around the changes will have to wait and see.

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    I am sticking with gen one, i can barely afford the phone bill as is.
    When it gets officially Unlocked by Apple, or AT&T's damn voice price goes down. Then i'll consider updating.

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    Lol. 1-post wonder posting a link to his uninformed blog. Nice.

    He even says on his blog that it's only $40 extra over the length of the contract for unlimited 3g. And you complain??

    "People are getting really turned off to the iPhone now and saying that, “Steve Jobs lied.” AT&T is really hurting Apple and the iPhone"

    Are they? Doesn't seem like it to me.

    You must think Apple are stupid. They have accountants, lawyers, PR, CEOs all involved in making these contracts. They obviously came to the conclusion that this was the most profitable way to sell the iphone.
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    nope they already got people hooked with the 1st one, they knwo you idiots will buy the iphone no matter what

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    I agree At&t is expensive. compared to what I pay with t-mobile is more expensive plus there service sucks in my area. I'm thinking of buying the 3G and seeing how I like it. Worst case scenario I return it or sell it on ebay.
    Bottom line where there is a will there is a way people will figure out a way to avoid At&t and buy the 3G.It may cost $1000.00 but they will figure it out.

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