About a week ago I started experiencing this with my 1.1.3 unlocked (used in Canada on the Rogers network) phone: I get the preview of an SMS on my locked screen, I unlock the screen, the red dot is there to indicate that I have 1 new SMS. However, when I open it, the SMS is not there!! It disappears!!! The f*&#%@g red dot is still there(I can't get rid of it 'til I receive the next SMS) but the text is gone... I've noticed that this is happening only with texts from numbers that aren't in my phone book, the ones from contacts seem to be ok so far (I can read them, they stay in my conversation thread). It's extremely frustrating 'cause I can't reply or actually view the message. Any help would be very much appreciated as this is driving me absolutel bonkers!!! Aditionnally, I also started experiencing the "red dot on SMS icon doesn't disappear when new voicemail is received & checked" symptom. I checked all the forums (checked that I have a new SIM card etc) but no solution.
Thanx in advance for any help/advice!