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Thread: iPhone Headphones - Important?

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    Default iPhone Headphones - Important?

    I have just bought an iphone off ebay (so excited!) however the headphones are missing they said so got everything but headphones.

    Are they important? Do some features or jailbroken software use them, like the VOIP software or can you just use the in built mic?

    Can they be purchased sepertly does anyone know where if so? Are they worth buying?

    Sorry bit of a noob question I suppose. Dont know much about iphones but have had a jailbroken ipod touch for ages.


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    I am waiting on an iPhone to come in from eBay as well!

    As far as I know, unless you want to listen to music through headphones then you don't really need them. And you can buy better quality ones for cheap from alot of stores. Might just need an adapter I believe?

    You can also buy normal iPhone headphones from eBay for under $10.

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    The iPhone headphones has a built in microphone so you can use it to talk while wearing them on the iPhone. That is the only major reason to have the headphons if you don't use a bluetooth headset or talk via the handheld.
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    I think everyone is sort of telling half the story here. The iPhone headphones do, as previously mentioned, have a built-in microphone for answering calls and for pausing/skipping music tracks. With that said, they are not the best for sound quality and many people opt to switch them out for something better sounding. Normal headphones, whether in-ear or over-ear, use a mini-plug that does not fit into the iPhone's recessed headphone hole so you have a number of options available to you.

    1) Buy replacement iPhone headphones from Apple. You'll get all the mic/controller features but only average sound.

    2) Buy any headphones without the mic/controller if you are only going to be listening to music with them and you don't plan to answer calls or need the ability to do so or to pause /skip tracks. You'll likely have to buy an adapter pug so you can use certain headphones with the iPhone because of the recessed microphone hole.

    3) There are a number of companies that offer good quality headphones made specifically for the iPhone and include the mic/controller. Perhaps the most popular are the V-moda Vibe Duos followed by the Ultimate Buds ER6is. The ER6is are Etymolic Research ER6i headphones with an official Apple mic/controller cable added to them.

    Finally, you can get a new/used set of Apple iPhone headphones and a set of your fav headphones and swap the cables. Not all earbuds/headphones can be used for this so do your research before you begin.

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    V-Modia makes a nice set of headphones ( $99) for the just like the one that come from Apple...only they are built and sound like what Apple should have built!

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