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Thread: I have 2 questions that need to be answered please!?

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    Default I have 2 questions that need to be answered please!?
    I have two questions below that need to be answered to your best knowledge please:

    1.) what is tiff exploit and what does it do?
    2.) how can i access \system\library\ from my vista pc as i need to remove call forwarding pop-up?

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    i am not sure about question 1 but use WinSCP to access system/library

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    maybe if you use ibrickr HERE
    after jailbreaking and activating your phone, you can use this software to access your iPhone files

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    can't login with winscp, it says my password is wrong, in which i entered: dottie?


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    try alpine

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    don't matter ibrickr worked for me.

    i need help with knowing what tiff exploit is now.

    what is tiff exploit and what does it do?


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    It was the security breach where the Dev team used to unlock version 1.1.1. Why do you need to know specifics?


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    because it's available to download on the

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    Hi! I have a new frm the box iphone and trying to by pass itunes through but when ever i press Appsnapp it just freeze and wouldn't do nothing! tried reading through every post here but couldn't find any answer, please someone help!!??

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    Polgas, have you confirmed you're running 1.1.1 with the old 3.9 bootloader? Also, make sure you have (note the www). I've heard reports that it doesn't work for some people without the www.

    Also, the tiff exploit could be used in other websites to actually break into your phone which is why the patch was released. Fortunate for us, we were able to use it to jailbreak instead of something malicious

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