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Thread: What version of LCD screen panel is your iPhone ?

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    Default What version of LCD screen panel is your iPhone ?
    You can find out which panel your iPhone has by dialing *3001#12345#* then tapping Call from the Phone application. This will put iPhone into “Field Mode” where you can select “Versions” to find out what version of the LCD you have.

    If the LCD screen information starts with a “5″ the panel can appear sharper, brighter and shouldn’t exhibit any sort of a grid pattern (like the one on the right). If it starts with a “7″ your iPhone could have a slightly dimmer panel (like the one on the left).

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    cool i never knew i will try it thanks tho
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    Nice find, mine starts with a 5

    I assume this like the iPod (the 5.5 screens were bright than the 5.0), if you own a iPhone that came out 'later', your screen will be brighter?

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    i get an error trying to perform request wierd

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    Heh, I have 7

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    meh 7 but mine has no grid and is as bright as the brightest in your picture? you got them wrong way round? 7 not the good lcd? mines 1.1.1 OTB

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    Mine is a 7. And is very bright with no grid.


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    my phone has LCD Panel ID 7455232, my girlfriends phone has LCD Panel ID 7459072.
    my girlfriends phone has the brighter screen

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    I have version 7455232 and don't see the grid pattern. It seems reasonably bright too.

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    7 here and quite bright.
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    i typed the platform request, and my phone is non-responsive now!
    It froze. Had to reset.

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    Mine is 7455232 and is very bright (especially if I change the brightness settings from auto - it goes way bright!)

    There is no grid pattern and the display is v.crisp.

    I guess the issue was with a few 7 series LCD's (probably the first few). Looks like they have fixed the issue now.

    Mine is a UK iPhone btw

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    7 series here as well with no grid pattern. Brightness is also fine.

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    I did the *3001#12345#* and pressed Call. Somehow when it reaches the field test screen ... i can see the categories but not able to tap into any of them, any solution to this? :P

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    I have a 7****** series LCD, and I do not see the 'grid'. My display is very bright, crisp and appealing . Mine was purchased on 11/17/07 and is 1.1.2 OTB

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    7...bright for me too!!!
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    Mine starts with 7, but it has no grids and if i put brightness to MAX it is very bright and appealing.

    And mine was purchased from the US 1.1.2 out the box.
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    S7EVEN here way too clear, way too bright. you sure its not the other way around?

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    thats what i wanted to know^^
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    Mine starts with a 5******

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