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Thread: Future iPhone Killer// Windows Version????

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    Default Future iPhone Killer// Windows Version????

    3g and future3.5g enabled. front and rear cameras. 4/8/16 gig memory. Makes one wonder.......

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    This was inevitable.

    Just like iPod and the Zune

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    It looks nice,
    check out this site:

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    okay now i saw the pics from your link, which one came first then, the iPhone or the meizu? the interface for the audio(mp3) looks identical. eveything looks very similar almost identical. so which one is the original?

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    no idea, but look at their music players, they look just like the ipod nano....

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    apple was first. the meizu company has always released the knock off version within weeks of apple's products. the meizu iPhone looks wonderful though and I believe of can support either 3g or gsm
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    Sorry guys but i think this may be the true iphone killer in the long run..
    And this is only a hint of whats to come

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    Well, guess the iphones old news now lol, considering all of the killers out there... Even the voyager is sort-of better then the iphone in some ways....

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    I don't know - I still think the whole iPhone interface is a lot more polished then what many companies will even be able to TRY to attempt.

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    is apple suing them yet?
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