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Thread: iphone in different language

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    Default iphone in different language
    I live in the US but I want my iPhone to be in Chinese like the one Steve Jobs was using in the Keynote ( With the character drawing and recongition. Do you know if the Chinese language will be avalible in the US iPhone or they are only in iPhones that are sold in Hong kong?

    Also with my edge iPhone now I can't receive calls while I am surfing the web or doing anyhting while on the internet, will the 3G iPhone be the same? Thank you very much!

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    All iPhones are the same. Go to settings > general > international and change things around from there. Note that the things you saw in the keynote wont be available till the 2.0 update.

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    With 3G phones in general you can talk on the phone while browsing the internet. Current iPhones can do it if you are on Wifi for data, so I don't see why the 3G one shouldn't be able to do it.

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    So the 3G isn't like EDGE where I can't be on the phone while I am downloading or browsing something? I know with WiFi I can have phone while I am on the internet and I was wonder if the 3G iPhone will deny my phone calls while I am on the internet.

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