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Thread: Only top part of my touch screen works

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    Default Only top part of my touch screen works
    Hey guys,

    Hopefully you could shed some light on this.

    I just recently got my iphone and unlocked and JB'd it so I could add apps among other things and use it on a Tmobile net work.

    Well, after a couple hours, it seems as if only the top 1/4 of my iphone touch screen works and that's it.

    It seems that I could add a "touch sensitivity" option to my settings under General. Well, I'm sure I did that but I have no way to get to the General menu under settings.

    I've also did a hard reset and unlocked and jb'd several times using ziphone, iplus, and iliberty+

    Thanks in advance for all your help

    8gb iPhone
    unlocked and jb'd using iLiberty
    version 1.1.4

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    dont you just love the knowledge here. the phone is booming w problems. for every reason i find to enjoy my unlocked phone, i find another to hate it. its like asking myself;
    what will go wrong this week with it?"
    wish i could help you, when you said top i thought you meant only the icon screen mine ill reboot my phone maybe a half a dozen times when that happens and then its back to normal. what gives?!

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    restore with itunes and see if screen works... If it does not work, you may need to replace phone. They have been having alot of problems with the older phones. And stay aways from ziphone.. Hope this helped

    PS there is a wealth of info here you just need how to use it and find how do get good at searching. I find that threads with lots of pages are your best beat, and reading only one page and not finding answer is not how you should do things
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    Thanks for the heads up guys. Anyone else?

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    last week i had the same thing happen

    i try everything
    i ended up having to restore and take back to apple store

    2.1 T-mobile

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    I had to replace mine with the same issue

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    So I guess I have to take it back. Too bad I bought it off of craigslist I got duped.

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    Beware of buying used iPhones!!!
    Many people are selling theirs because they damaged them themselves.

    Screen issues are a tattle tale that the phone has been exposed to water beyond normal wear and tear.

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