I have a broken iphone, either the baseband is screwed, the bootloader messed up, or something else buggy in the startup since it only flashes on and off a white screen. (no logo's or anything). I get a yellow screen instead of battery empty, and thats about all the screens i get.

Now i tried all regular restoring procedures on different computers and operating systems without success, since restoring simply wont work. (tried all different versions of software too). The only way the computer recognizes the phone is in DFU. However, it doesnt seem to communicate properly so i cant get a restore done. (it freezes before it properly can restore the software).

I am wondering if there are alternative ways to communicate with the device in DFU mode, and manually erase everything, or flash the baseband/bootloader.....etc.

Any advice/technique that doesnt involve restoring in itunes is welcome.

to read more about my problem check this thread: