I've been an iPhone owner since day 1, and since day 1 I've felt the earpiece/speakerphone/ringer volumes to be intolerably low. Apple reps tell me my volume is as loud as it is designed to be.
When it's in my pocket, I don't hear it, plain and simple. If I'm talking to someone anywhere but the inside of a closet, I can't hear a thing they're saying.
I am tired of the fact that every other mobile's ringer can be heard obnoxiously blaring from halfway across a crowded room, and I would be jealous to even get half of that.
I've upgraded my firmware, I tried using the old firmware and using iAmp, I've blown compressed air in every orifice. I need a solution here, because it's gotten to the point where I feel like I'm suckered with a piece of **** phone for another whole year.
Don't get me wrong, many features: SMS/camera/web/ipod/youtube/google-maps are all wonderful things, but the competition is catching up and I feel like I'm a $600 sucker.