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Thread: Contacts not syncing - any ideas?

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    Default Contacts not syncing - any ideas?
    Right, I'll preface this post by saying that I'm writing this on behalf of my brother whose phone is not working fully after a jailbreak. *But* I have an iPhone too and bought them both at the same time and unlocked them at the same time yet, for whatever reason, mine's behaved impeccably while his has had issues. Based on what he's told me though, this is what's happening/happened:

    * Jailbreak and unlock with ZiPhone
    * Updated software to 1.1.4
    * Re jailbreaked because contacts were not syncing
    * Re jailbreaked *again*, setting up as new phone ...

    What's going wrong:

    Once the phone is set up after one of the (now frequent) jailbreaks, adding a new contact or amending on the phone or the Mac does not seem to be having any effect - it does not move across in either direction, despite it reporting that it is 'Syncing contacts'.

    I've asked him for screen shots of iTunes and the correct settings appear to be set:

    I have no idea what's happening here, searched around, could not find examples of anyone having this problem.

    Does anyone have any insight?

    Note that the only difference between myself and him is that I'm on Vodafone in UK and started with a clean SIM, while he already had a SIM for Vodafone Australia that he put into the phone. Not sure if that's relevant, but it *may* be something to do with the place that the contacts are stored (phone or SIM)? Might be barking up wrong tree here though.

    So, any help appreciated - this was a birthday present for him, but it just isn't working fully. He can make calls, use wireless at home, send texts and photos and music copy across just fine.

    Possibly related: *Before* he did the most recent reset with ZiPhone, he said that "There is a lot of stuff showing in the 'Other' section" (on the usage graph). I took a look - it was showing 1.8 gig, and I *know* he has not installed anything else using Installer, so something wierd was happening there too. Might be related, might be irrelevant.

    Anyway, I'd appreciate thoughts.

    No-one? :-(

    OK, perhaps I'm waffling too much!

    Is there a system log that he could open up to see if there are errors showing on the sync?
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    Restore, and use Pwnage or iLiberty. Ziphone sucks really, just causes problems

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