Hi guys,

I am in the UK, have an iphone with 1.1.1. software (US pre-Nov 9 phone), unlocked and activated. I am on O2 already and O2 refuses to switch my already very expensive contract over to the special O2 iphone contract as I didnt buy the iphone off them. I really dont care about their contract anyway that much as i get more minutes with my current contract. But i was very interested in the Wifi flatrate which you get with it, access to all cloud networks all over the UK, which is great, cuz then i could surf anywhere. As i live in London Wifi wouldnt be a huge issue.

TheCloud has an ipod touch 4 a month flat rate for unlimited use (unfortunately not usable on iphone as they require a MAC address which is already half pre-populated and cant be modified), and a 6.99 a month flatrate for all other mobiles (including iphone). What Thecloud doesnt provide though is access to other Hotspots outside the UK. I read about Boingo mobile here in this forum, which provides Hotspot access in over 60 countries (including the UK, and all of the Cloud hotspots) for 4 a month. Great! But unfortunately after signing up (first 30 days are free) they dont show you any way how to actually connect to their hotspots, nor reply to your support questions. (At least id idnt pay for it yet).

Question is: Is anybody else using a wifi provider with a flat rate (under 10 a month) which provides global access to hotspots? I travel quite a lot (US, Germany, Dubai) and would love to be able to check my emails without using my laptop. Any suggestions?