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Thread: Google Maps "My Location"

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    Default Google Maps "My Location"
    So google announced recently a beta release of their mobile version of gmaps that includes a feature called "My Location" (see here for details.) It sounds like it's going to work a lot like Navizon, using cell towers to triangulate approximate location.

    We, as iPhone users have a nice embedded version of google maps, but therefore cannot upgrade to this... What do you all think the odds of Apple implementing this feature on their next firmware update is?

    I think, because its a beta, and because it's Apple were dealing with here, until Apple finds a way to profit from this My Location thing, were not going to see it on the iPhone...


    If anyone has a alternate phone they could try this on, I'd love to hear how you like it.

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    we will see it in 1.1.3
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    It uses the same technology as Navizon (which rarely works), so hopefully this will. I think we'll see it on the iPhone, but not for a LONG time.

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    I also have a company Blackjack and the "my locations" worked like a charm.

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    Apple will provide it in an update because it is a requested feature, that google are now offering and there is no way to make money from it.

    they need to do this in order to compete, and to prove that new features will be added over time, like with Mac OS X.

    The only things that won't appear on this iPhone are things like 3G that need new hardware. I can imagine iPhone 2 will do video chat - with a cam on the front hidden behind the glass!

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