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Thread: “Extremely reliable” source of iPhone 3G

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    Default “Extremely reliable” source of iPhone 3G
    Digg - “Exteremely reliable” source of iPhone 2

    A friend of mine works for Apple. He have all the insider details about the next version of iPhone (Let’s call it “iPhone 2″). Although my English is not that good, I got to tell you. The source is “extremely reliable” Not only iPhone 2 can fly, it is very thin and sexy. Let’s take a look of the leaked and exclusive details about iPhone 2 after the break.

    1. It can fly!

    Yes. Every new iPhone can recognize their owner. If you left your iPhone on the desk, and forget to take it when leaving, iPhone 2 will fly and follow you. No worry to lose it again.

    2. It shocks theft

    If someone wants to steal your iPhone, the theft will get electric shock. Because you will be able to register yourself as owner in iPhone 2, it can determine whether the iPhone is stolen. It is secure.

    3. Fingerprint login

    The fingerprint module is included in iPhone 2. By swipe your finger near the home button, you will be able to lock the files on iPhone. Others will not be able to view your contacts, calendars or whatsoever unless it is authorized with fingerprint.

    4. Boot Camp Mobile

    Apple lets you to enjoy Windows and Mac together with Intel Mac. And now, they lets you to enjoy the similar stuff on the iPhone 2. With “Boot Camp Mobile” software, you will be able to install Windows Mobile on iPhone. Boot iPhone 2 and hold the home button key, and select the OS you want to use.

    5. Runs Google Android

    Because Apple also worry that users will switch to cheap and good Google Android phone in the future, iPhone 2 can also run Google Android. By installing the “Google Emulator” from AppStore in iPhone 2, you will be able to enjoy the benefits from both Apple and Google.

    6. Connect with USB hard drive

    Some Windows Mobile devices support “Ext-USB” feature, with the special designed cable, the device can read any USB device files without computers. This will also come to iPhone 2, also. Without any computers, you will be able to read USB storage’s files right from iPhone 2’s file browser. (Downloading File browser software from AppStore is required)

    7. It is cheap

    It is because AT&T and other mobile operators love Apple too much, they don’t want to make money anymore. Apple loves their fans, and will provide free upgrade for the existing iPhone users to have the new model. There will be only 16GB version available for iPhone 2, and it is at $100. Very cheap!

    The “extremely reliable” source said iPhone 2 should be 3G, and it should comes with GPS support. Being as an insider, he tells me there will be Mac OS X 10.6 available in WWDC.

    I hope you guys will understand my English. And hope you know why I post this.

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    I was really hoping they would give the phone the ability to fly. Very nice. Thanks for the info.

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