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Thread: 2 sims one Iphone

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    Default 2 sims one Iphone
    I purchased an Iphone from Car Phone Warehouse (uk) last saturday. I registered the phone, all working. I have another o2 sim for business. When i tried the sim in the new Iphone, it didnt work and wanted to be reactivated via itunes. I tried again the next day with no luck. So i put the iphone sim back in and back to normal. The reason i tried this, was that i did it with another friends phone who was on o2 and that did work!? We could phone the iphone on my number (non iphone) no problems. So anyway i was rather confused and didnt approach the issue again until today. I tried again and the other business o2 sim now does work. No problems other than the visual voicemail now only works as a dial to 901. Not too bad. So if anyone has tried and failed, try again!

    I have also cancelled my direct debit and i am waiting to hear a response from o2 about that lol. See what happens.

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    I think you can either expect big hairy men knocking at your door looking for money, or o2 can block your phone from using ANY network.

    I don't know anyone that has used a UK iphone with a non-iphone sim that has been able touse their phone for more than a couple of weeks - ie. Some flaw in the o2 network allows their phone to be used for a short amount of time

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    Hairy men, lol. Ok i will see what happens and post the abuse and hitmen that come a knocking.

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    You friends iPhone was probably jailbroken and unlocked.

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    My friends iphone is an identical contract o2 iphone to mine, bought from the same retailer as me. It is firmware 1.1.2 and had never been downgraded, jailbreaked.

    My phone rebooted last night, while viewing through the youtube app, and i was then asked to put the right sim back in. I am going to try the sim swap again. Note. The sim swap is done whilethe iphone is running.

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