Hey guys

i got a solution for getting your music from itunes to your iphone

its not a native app by any means

and i understand that its for the PSP but it will work for the iphone just the same.

1. download the exe from here http://www.skattertech.com/media/200...PSP-Server.exe
its the server you need to run on your computer

2.keep port 8080 open on your computer

3. launch iTunes and then launch the iTunes-PSP-Server.exe after iTunes is up and running

4. in your IE/Firefox browser open http://localhost:8080/ and if you get an RSS server page than it is working

5. find the ip address for the computer running the server

6. make sure you have the MobileCast app from installer

7. in IE/Firefox open http://localhost:8080/ and you should see a list of playlists from your library

8. place your cursor over the RSS icon on the playlist that you want to get from your iphone and look in the bottom left corner of the IE/Firefox screen.

9. there should be a url that looks something like "http://localhost:8080/rss/AF83C53CD5A1B0B3" that is the direct link to your music. write it down.

10. change the text "localhost" to the ip address of your computer and add that to your feeds in MobileCast. The URL is case sensitive.

11. and there you have it! just download the songs you want to listen to and you can play them or delete them whenever!

hope you like it
worked for me and any questions are welcome