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Thread: Stolen iPhone, what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imahottguy View Post
    This leads to my suggestion for the second gen iPhone; Robotic legs and arms and a taser, that once activated allow it to tase the person holding it, allowing the iPhone to drop to the ground, land on its robo-feet and then run back to the owners house, not before kicking the perpetrator square in the nuts.

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    i like the robocop2 idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by subway999 View Post
    It seems that us Brits are miles ahead of the Yanks

    IMEI numbers are routinely blacklisted when they are reported lost/stolen

    Of course it takes a company to give a damn if they were to implement this
    How do u even know if he's American? he didn't say any of that.

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    ^^ I wasn't going to say anything, but since the can of worms has been opened; Being British has absolutely nothing to do with it, nor does being American. In fact, we are all miles behind where we should be in terms of cell phone security. As these items become more and more expensive, it seems that more security should be available for them. Instead of comparing nations, we should realize that their should be international cooperation to help blacklist stolen cell phone IMEI's. How hard could it really be to have a database that is unified such that stolen cell phones become inoperable, unless the IMEI is changed, which is illegal in most areas?
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    Default this is actually possible!
    Quote Originally Posted by desepticon View Post
    it would be cool to have "lethal response" like in that fake commercial in Robocop 2. 100,000 volts right into the perpetrator who tries to steal your phone. "And it doesn't even wear down your battery..." lol
    from household hacker:
    i found this yesterday - turn your ipod into a taser....


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    If you remember your own number, AND you think they have not changed it, I would call them every 5 mins until they give it back or just become smart enough that they won't answer or change the number.

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    Good Job bumping a month on thread.

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