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Thread: What the n00bs don't know...Q & A(hopefully)

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    Default What the n00bs don't know...Q & A(hopefully)
    Hello everyone,

    I want to first apologize if this post is something that's been already posted/asked in the past. I've searched and searched, but wasn't able to find answers to all of my questions, so I thought I would make my first post here with a ton of questions and hopefully in the end we can have something that everyone could look at and get answers from instead of searching and reading numerous threads that would confuse some of us n00bs. So, here we go:

    I'm with At&t and I've already activated my phone thru iTunes and have been using it for a little while now. I was thinking of 'hacking'(I'm using this term instead of putting jailbreaking/iliberty/etc.) it to be able to add apps, may be use it overseas, etc. The questions are:

    Can I do it now after I already activated it? or is it just for out of box phones?

    If I can, could I ever bring it back to out of box state? after activation state?

    If so, what steps should I take and what are the utilities that work the best for it?

    Any cautions I should know about, i.e. certain things not working after the 'hack'?

    I'm sure there could be more questions and if someone is also new here feel free to add.

    For the people that do know what's going on here that provide the answers to all of us...

    Please respond

    Thank you in advance

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    you can "hack" an iphone at any time. already activated or not.

    if u wanna use it over seas, it has to be activated/jailbroken/unlocked regardless of it already being activated or not. remember as soon as you pull out ur sim, it'll say unsupported sim regardless of being unlocked

    use iliberty or iplus or winpwn or pwnagetool if u have a mac or ilibertyX if u have a mac

    they all do basically the same thing. jus look for tutorials n stuff, maybe search thru iclarified's tutorials
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    1. Yes you can "hack" it anytime. It's called jailbreaking.

    2 & 3. You can bring the phone back to factory status anytime for warranty purposes but pluggin into iTunes and hitting the RESTORE button.

    4. Your phone and ALL features will be fully functional after you jailbreak but now you will have the ability to enhance your phone with 3rd party applications from the Installer and Cydia programs right from the phone itself.

    Please do a search for iLiberty or iDemocracy as these are the two best and safest programs out there for your purposes. Since you are on AT&T you will not need to use the "unlock" or "activate" features that these programs provide.

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    Thanks for the answers guys. I have couple of follow up questions:

    After jailbreaking/unlocking/activating, will everything still work if i'm with At&t? As in, youtube, wifi, sms, etc.? I saw some posts that people were having issues here and there....

    Another thing, will I still be using iTunes to sync with outlook, etc.?

    I think I'll be using iLiberty+ to 'hack' the phone, there's one option that i don't totally understand, the downgrade bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9FakeBlank...what is it for? what does it do?

    Thanks again for the replies...

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    yes all the stock apps will work no problem. they may require a few patches from installer, but other than that every thing the phone came with and every thing it dosent should work wonderfully
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