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Thread: iphone battery meter/icon inaccuracy - please Help!!!

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    Default iphone battery meter/icon inaccuracy - please Help!!!
    First let me congratulate this forum and all his members!

    Let me explain:
    I have one 16g UK model wich it was unlocked with iLiberty... all is ok but the battery meter/icon adds 50% to the normal charge... for example: when is empty jumps (after 2/3 seconds off showing the "red" charging ) to 50% plus...
    This is a huge problem because I never know when the battery is actually full... and when reaches the 50% it goes down...
    I have tried all... reset's, restore's, etc...
    Anyone have this issue?
    I have searched the fóruns but no answers ...

    PLease HELP! ;-D
    Thank you very much

    Anyone have this issue?!
    Thanks again for the support
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    I have never had this problem but my best suggestion is to leave it on until it turns off due to empty battery. Charge it by plug or USB for around three hours even if it claims to be full long before this. You should now have reset the low battery meter and full meter and it will work normally. I try to do a full discharge every few weeks.
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    Yeah what this guys said, I would add that you install boss prefs and make sure ssh is off b/c it drains batteries even if the phone is in sleep mode.

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    Thank you very much for your support.
    I have try that also... yes its very strange... looks like a bug in the meter... for example: if it runs out of battery and when I plug it it appears the normal red (low batt) and after a few seconds jumps to green, adding 50% of the charge...
    I'm going to try to re-calibrate again...

    p.s. I don´t have openssh running or other apps...looks like a software thing :-S!


    Hello again,

    Stays the same... when have reached the 49% it went down... then I have plug it and for the first 3 sec. it appear the normal low batt icon (red) but immediately jumps to 70%... arrghhh!

    Do not know what do to more...
    thanks again
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    It sounds like the battery is faulty then, quite a few people seem to have had this with iPod touches. The only solution is to take it back to Apple for repair or replacement. You will have to restore to stock Apple firmware with no jailbreak or unlock
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    Thanks but please read this >

    I have managed to ierase with Ziphone and the meter went ok!!! but and off course I got the no wifi, IMEI, etc... as soon I retore it to 1.1.4 the meter goes crazy again...

    Looks like a corrupt baseband or seckpack... because when I erase it the battery shows a accurate meter...

    Must be a software bug... because the battery stands ok for ± 2 days...

    Please help!!!
    Thanks a lot

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    try to upgrade to 1.1.4 not restore and set it up as a new phone..
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Hello and thank you!
    I am now in 1.1.4 ...
    What method do you recommend to do the upgrade?

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    restore to 1.1.3
    run ziphone do it all
    upgrade to 1.1.4
    run ziphone do it all
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Hello again,

    This is what I've done:

    Use bootneuter to put it in Bootloader 3.9. Then iErase from ziphone = battery meter is ok!
    Then I restore it to 1.1.3 and ziphone it (do it all)
    Then I upgraded to 1.1.4 from a "new iPhone"...
    Do it all again in 1.1.4... but sadly it have the problem again!!!!

    Can you see other solution?!
    All the best and thanks again

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    install the HWinfo app and see what your battery information shows from there.

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    yes thanks... but HWinfo shows exactly what the meter does an not the real charge...
    for example if it have 100%(after 4 hours of charging) it always show 100% for 1 day...then when reach to 99% I know that it have 49% for real... when the meter or the HW info shows 50% the batt go donw... or 0%
    it must be some thing in the basband... when I use iEraser to erase it the meter is correct... arrggghh!
    its really a pain!
    Thanks my friend

    @ stocis :

    I have donne ok? as u said?
    Let me know ... thanks
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    it seems that u somehow erased/modified something in the baseband yes..

    but i dont know how u can restore that.. hopefully someone else sees this and help u out

    best of luck
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Thanks my friend ;-D

    Yes its really strange... well, I hope that someone can HELP me with this weird issue...

    Thanks all for the effort and keep it coming,

    Anyone with some software skills can help me?!
    Because is for shure a baseband issue... when I iErase with Ziphone 3.0 the battery meter is correct... as soon I restore/upgrade it again by iTunes the meter goes crazy... and its not a hardwar thing, because the battery stays ok for ± 2 days...

    Maybe the secpack, the baseband...?! the unlock process?!

    Please help us (there r a huge amount of iPhone users with this issue!!)

    Thanks again
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    Anyone can help me?!

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    don't use ziphone. it is corrupt and damages your phone. Try to do a complete restore, as a new phone. When itunes finds your phone, do not use the backup from previous phone feature. It might be a bug, and when you restore, the phone will be find, but once you add in the back up data, your back up data might be corrupt. Your best bet is to do a full 1.1.4 restore via itunes without adding in any back up data, and use winpwn or anything except ziphone (since it has been proven to damage your phone).

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    Have you read the thread Do Not use ZiPhone? Read it and see how bad it is. Along with that the only way you can fix it now is to virginize the iPhone. I am not 100% sure on how to do this but I am sure other people have done it and can tell you how to do it.

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    Yep I know the ziphone issues ;-D...

    I have only use it to erase the baseband... and that when I have notice that the meter went ok... (as also in erase BB in iLiberty)...
    But can I virginize a 1.1.4 iPhone? the virginize processe doen't apply to the 1.1.1 and prior ones?

    If somebody can help me on this ... I must to 1.0.2? right...
    Thanks for all the support

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