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Thread: When should I sell my Iphone?

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    Default When should I sell my Iphone?
    I, like many of you, am eagerly anticipating the new iphone and I would like to sell my old one to get my new one. I'm tempted to list my old one right now but, can I really be guaranteed that the new one will go on sale June 10th? If not, I can't really afford to be without phone.

    What are others going to do?

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    You are who you are.. Why care about what others are gonna do?

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    I believe he just wants an opinion on what others will do he doesn't want to follow he just simply wants to know in order to make a better decision

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    Play it safe... wait until the new one comes out FOR REAL and then sell your old one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Play it safe... wait until the new one comes out FOR REAL and then sell your old one.
    I agree, better to wait and have the phone then to sell now and be with out one for who knows how long, we all know how delays and push backs can be...
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    im thinking about the same thing.. it may be easier to get a higher price now, especially since the current iphone is out of stock in many places.. but there is a chance you may have to go a month without a phone
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    You wont be able to do waht we can with 1st gen model, with the new one(for a while). so y bother.? i bet youd get just as much if not more money for a first gen iphone that is able to be completly jailbreak/unlock and run all the apps on any GSM network you want. whn ppl realize what the first gen is capable of, i think they might think 2wice, but than again ppl are stupid. I have a feeling there going to do alot more advertising whn new one comes out. they do want to sell 10 million by end of year. id hold off. Thats my opinion
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