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Thread: how do i disable slide-unlock screen and cover flow?

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    Default how do i disable slide-unlock screen and cover flow?
    i find that both the slide to unlock screen and cover flow to be very annoying. is there a mod or something to disable both of these? like everytime i tip my iphone, it goes to cover flow, which i DONT want. and it is also annoying to slide the thing everytime on the unlock screen.

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    1. You can't disable this.
    2. Then, Don't tip your iPhone when in Coverflow mode.
    3. It's not annoying

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    thanks for your help.

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    Having the phone in "sleep" mode with the slide to unlock not activated would not be possible; Atleast I dont see how this could or would be done.

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    he and I just want the screen to go off when we click the power button (puts iphone back in pocket)....(takes iphone out of pocket) and then press power or home and the screen lights up.....can this be done?

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    There is a new app on cydia that unlocks the phone by quickly pressing the home button 3 times, maybe that would be better for you than sliding?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conn18 View Post
    3. It's not annoying
    Yes, it is very annoying when you don't want it.

    Coverflow is great, but I don't use it very often.

    There are a lot of times when the iPhone detects a movement it thinks is you turning your iPhone to landscape mode when you are not. I would love to be able to just put my phone down flat and not worry that it will go into coverflow. And it sometimes takes a while to detect that I and holding it upright (I mean FULLY upright, top of the phone pointed straight up, phone 90 degrees to the horizon.) it's like I'm using a blackberry Storm, that kind of delay!

    I don't mind the slide to unlock, but I would love the option to disable coverflow. It wouldn't get rid of coverflow for those who want it to remain.

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    To disable the lock screen, download a Cydia app called NoLockScreen.

    I find the "slide to unlock" gimmicky. I've literally never accidentally unlocked my phone. I hate the stupid thing. NoLockScreen bypasses it entirely and provides an 'instant-on' functionality that I enjoy. I would imagine it isn't compatible with things like Android-lock or other lock-screen apps.

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