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Thread: URGENT::Need HELP!!

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    Default URGENT::Need HELP!!
    Last night i installed a few apps on my 1.1.1 phone including gave me a warning sayin its not compatible with 1.1.1 n might cause instability to the firmware...i ignored it n went ahead with the install... then noticed that vWallpaper wasnt workin so uninstalled it...unplugged my phone n crashed into bed.

    Morning i got up ..synced a few videos to my phone. Whenever i sync anything to the phone my ringtones, which i have set thru sendSong are wiped off,... n then all i have to do is start SendSong again.. click on the ringtones button.. quit the app.. n restart my phone.. n my tones are back(think this is the normal procedure for all).

    But today something weird happened.I resent my ringtones thru SendSong and restarted the phone..only to notice tht my phone was BRICKED...stuck at the apple logo for eternity...tried the power down + home combo n restarted my phone but still no luck.

    Connected it to my comp n realised tht iTunes n PC Suite were detecting my i tried uninstalling a few apps but still ntn happend. Thought of trying to do a restore thru iTunes.. but restore would wipe out all my data n also update the firmware to 1.1.4..which i dint want to do. This is when i was really scared n shatterd..dint know wht to do.

    Out of desperation ...i tried replacing the com.Springboard.plist in the LaunchDeamons with a backup copy of some days back... still ntn was just stuck at the apple logo n it kept restarting after abt 5 - 7 mins.

    Then i edited the original springboard.plist file to remove the entries made by SendSong..put it back on my phone...still it dint start.

    After a little survey i came across this page which instructed me to do a "restore roll back" or something by pressing the Power + home button n then releasing the home button before the power button and then again using the same to buttons to shut down the phone..I did that n Phone was alive again..THANK GODD!!!

    Now i really dont know wht step worked..was it the restore roll back thing or was it the removal of the SendSong entries from the springboard.plist file.
    I dont have custom ringtones on my phone right now n im a bit scared to try SendSong again..cuz i have absolutely no idea how i got my phone to work again.

    Could some1 please tell me why this problem happend in the first place n also what did i do to make the phone work. Also i really need those ringtones to work..

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    Mods/developers Plz Reply

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    lol so are you still on 1.1.1?? and if you want to restore with itunes, go find/download your 1.1.1 firmware file. when in itunes shift click restore(on pc) i think may be control click and find the 1.1.1 firmware file you downloaded. that should work for keeping you on 1.1.1.. I would suggest going to atleast 1.1.3 but that my prefreence. and why dont u just do the free ringtones trick that was up around here some where than u can just sync ringtones through itunes. let me kno if this helps
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    All apps and updates are designed for 1.1.3/1.1.4 firmware now so i suggest you restore to 1.1.4.

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