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Thread: bricked iphone giving error 1611 when trying to restore

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    Default bricked iphone giving error 1611 when trying to restore

    m new to this forum n is ma 1st post

    i jus newly got ma iphone 1.1.4 and unlocked it with ziphone 3. it worked totally fine for a day. but after the battery drained it jus woulnt charge n got bricked. at present when i try to restore it with ma laptop it gives me an error like 1611. and the screen returns back to as in recovery mode . i hve made several attempts to no avail. i get the same error in dfu mode n the screen also goes as shown in recovery mode. i hve tried bootin iphone with ibrickr, winpwn but the iphone restarts n again goes into recovery mode......can anyone suggest me ways to unbrick ma iphone. any help is highly appreciated!!

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    Try just hitting the restore butrton in iTunes. Hit restore & update button in the pop-up box afterwards. This should take it to FW 1.1.4 and all should be well. Then you can start your jailbreaking/unlocking/hacking project all over again.
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    hey dude
    i hve done that too...........didnt work out......any other method u can think of

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    jus caled up apple yes........said there must be a prob with the radio....what do they mean by tht??..whts a radio ??

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    DFU mode. Use iLiberty to get it there, then restore. Then avoid ZiPhone for the rest of your iPhone days.

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    Hey - check out my posted solution to a similar situation. Search in this forum for "iPhone restore problem "unknown error occurred (5)"". Would've pasted a link here, but on my iPhone... The only C&P method I know of is kinda cumbersome. Maybe they'll add the function in 2.0? hehe

    The main points in my other post are to remove the SIM card prior to a restore attempt, and make sure the phone is truly in DFU, not recovery. That means black screen, NOT the cord and logo screen.

    Good luck - hope it helps.

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    I've got the same problem. Have you solved it?

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    1- Change the USB port the phone is plugged in to. Do not plug the phone back in yet.

    2- Reboot the computer then plug the phone in and immediately restart the phone in DFU WHILE CONNECTED to the computer.

    3- Hit restore.

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    Default possible reason for error message
    I have the exact same problem. i have tried to un+re-install itoonz countless times, changed the usb port (tried all four) and have finally found a webpage somewhere that says it is linked to battery power aswell, maybe not enough to power the phone while it is in normal mode, but i have found a new battery for 16 incl P+P. it comes with tools and instructions. i dont recommend trying this(so you cant sue me). i will let you know how it goes when i try it though. (ps my battery got REALLY hot for no reason and now only works when its plugged in and this is another reason for trying a new battery). The link to this site where you can buy the battery is underneath
    at Battery Megastore Battery (includes fitting tools and full instructions) Mobile Phone Batteries

    Incase you were thinking you can't send off you iPhone for a new battery if you have tried to unlock you iPhone and my guesses are that its an american iPhone that came with a AT+T chip which means you would have to send it off to america to get it fixed as it was bought in that country.

    Good luck and let me know if you find any way that fixes your phone


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    I had the same problem..All I did was download Quickpwn or Winpwn and plugged my phone up, followed the steps and it worked for me. You just have to download the 2 boot files off the web.

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    hey I tried everything you guys said and nothing and this is very frustrating
    please I think this can happen to you if u'r not careful it could be a virus
    OMG god help us I need my phone

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    Angry Error 1611
    Hi All I Recently Jailbreak My Iphone 3G 8 GB With Blackra1n & My Son Has Downloaded To Many Apps / Games But What I Did Was Tried To Restore Factory Settings On Iphone Not Thu Itunes & Have Waited For About 2 Hours Than My Battery Died On Me, & Now Error 1611 From Itunes I Have Put It Thu DFU Mode & Still No Good??????
    WHAT NOW................

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    LOL at least you searched, resurrected an old *** thread...

    anyways, have you tried putting the phone into recovery mode and restoring?
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