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Thread: Apple is interesting...(Warranty)

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    Default Apple is interesting...(Warranty)
    So i called Apple today because my unlocked Iphone's speaker started to have low volume and a really weak vibrate. They lady started accusing me of having an unlocked Iphone so i just hung up and called back. The next guy told me he would send me a package to have it sent in and looked at because it is still under warranty. I was wondering, if I reset my phone back to factory settings, is there any way they would be able to tell if I unlocked it, and if so... is there any way to avoid them from finding out?



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    As far as I know, it they won't know.

    Also, despite what people think, the warranty IS NOT dependent on your taking out a contract: The most common iPhone misconception: No activation=no warranty | The-iBlog Apple, iPhone and web 2.0 news and views

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    Ol!ver nice link good to know. iv heard this question so many times. But i was just wondering, how long does the warrenty last.? is it just 90 days after purchase, 1 year, or do you need apple care for anything more than 90 days after purchase?

    edit nevermind its one year sweet. looks like i maybe throwing an iphone in the microwave around october . hmmmm
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    So i have my iPhone, one day battery started going down in 5h after full charging + it couldn't find any WiFi network, when i was trying to detect any iPhone was searching for it for about 1 second and stopped - that's it. After hours of browsing this forum and searching for an answer i gave up and called Apple for instructions what to do to get it repaired ( i knew from this post that my warranty is still ok, double-checked it on apple's website ). Obviously i've been asked how do i know if my WiFi is not working if i haven't activated my iPhone - i said i was always using *#307# way to browse internet. Guy told me that this is not authorised way of using iPhone and to be able to use my warranty i have to sign a contract with O2 and activate it. So basically you can use your warranty b4 activating iPhone if it won't turn on, or if the screen is broken, something that you can see before activating.

    What i'm thinking about is to sing contract with O2, activate it, give it to repair (to be honest i don't know if i need to but i do not know how to do it myself) and cancel contract before 14 days - only paying for 1 month. Do you think this would do?

    By the way - any of those symptoms sound similar to you, i have lost my hope

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    fake activation works as well (iLiberty), remove your sim and send it off to repair

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    Are you sure about it? I don't think so to be honest, they have full record of serial numbers of iPhones that have been activated by iTunes because you do it over the internet, i don't think iLiberty updates that record, especially if i spoke to them today and my iPhone has been unlocked via iLiberty weeks ago.

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    There is an article about how your apple warranty does not hinge on the fact that you have or haven't activated your iPhone. This may only be for AT&T, but I don't know. It may be worth looking for.

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    Where can i find this article then mate?

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