Ok, so heres another funky story of what "went wrong". Ok. First it all started out with me downloading "categories". I made 5 folders : Apps, HD, iFinder, Misc., and Games. The first day went great and it looked very nice. The next day whenever I moved the icons in the folders to a different placement it starts glitching (which I thought was unusual). Later that day installer was acting funky, because every time that I tried downloading an app it gave me unique messages. The first type was "not enough memory" and I even checked it (i had over 4mb left) than after I tried restarting installer it gave me a message referring to something about my script. I let it go and tried running installer the next day but when I did it kept crashing continuously on touch! So than I thought I did something stupid. I tried to install ssh onto my phone ,and I found this very clean cut site on how to install ssh without using installer, so I tried their method. They had an "ssh installer" file link on the site and they said to open up the command promt and type "pc", then a space, then drag and drop the file onto the command prompt and hit enter and put in some info., then to plug in my phone. I did but I had to restart 3 times and from the last restart it said specifically "throwing her into the clink". So on the promt it said it was done, but after "it was done" I tried connecting with a client (i've done ssh previously) and it didn't work.
Later I said screw it, and I reset the phone and reloaded 1.1.3 it came back with all the modified files, so I tried ZiPhoning it to factory state and guess what! It didn't work. I reset it by hand and it still won't remove the apps but this time it notifies me with a message that it needs to be repaired, and the service, blue t., wifi, and sound is shot. And to top it all off, now whenever I try to reset manually or by the phone settings the screen starts flashing and it starts booting up, so now I can't even get it to the "please plug into iTunes" state. So please with all the thanks I can give in advance. Please Help. Thank you very much.