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Thread: Struggling with 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 after needed restore

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    Default Struggling with 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 after needed restore
    I ran into some issues with my unlocked iPhone running on 1.1.1 where a restore was required. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention a few days ago when Software Update ran, it downloaded the iPhone 1.1.2 update. I didn't install it to the phone at the time knowing that it'd brick my iPhone without going through the proper upgrade routine, but when I had to restore my iPod, I just clicked restore, which then locked my iPod asking me to register with AT&T (I had it unlocked for use on T-Mobile).

    Now, after hours in front of the computer today I haven't been able to properly downgrade back to 1.1.1. I get 1015 errors after a restore, which I understand are normal, but unlike everyone else, I'm not able to kick the iPhone out of restore mode (following the 1015 error) by running INdependence so I'm stuck.

    What am I doing wrong? Do I need to "virginize" the iPhone to 1.1.1 status? I'm okay starting from scratch, I just need to get past the restore screen I've gotten stuck on several times. There's no need for me to be running 1.1.2, I'll gladly go back to my phone's factory default of 1.1.1. Any help would be fantastic.


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    Default figured i would reply yours as well
    Saw you posted in another thread with the same question and here is what i wrote.

    Had that happen to me. What works is to restore again to 1.1.1 then using independence 1.3 beta 2 it'll kick it out of recovering should take a minute or so...

    good luck

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    independence (both 1.2.5 and 1.3 beta 2) crashes immediately upon trying to open it.

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    Is there something like iphuk for MAC (I don't know, I am a Windows guy)?

    If so, open it and type:

    cmd setenv auto-boot true
    cmd saveenv
    cmd fsboot

    Then you should be getting the activation screen...

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    This is what I see when I open iphuc

    Last login: Thu Nov 22 00:18:50 on console
    /Users/joshuakagi/Desktop/iPHUC ; exit;
    Emerald-AV:~ joshuakagi$ /Users/joshuakagi/Desktop/iPHUC ; exit;
    >> By The iPhoneDev Team: 1836019489
    CFRunLoop: Waiting for iPhone.
    Do I type things in line by line and hit return, or do I type them all in at once? I've never used terminal type applications, so I really need a step by step.

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    You should enter that line by line... but the waiting for iphone part is not normal if it does not recognize the phone after that... it should say:

    notification: iPhone attached.

    after that.

    I guess the phone is connected... maybe restart it for once...
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    this is what I get now... I'll attempt to do what you recommended above.

    >> By The iPhoneDev Team: 1836019489
    CFRunLoop: Waiting for iPhone.
    recovery callback: Connected in Recovery Mode
    recovery callback: Entering shell in Recovery Mode.
    (iPHUC Recovery) #:
    here's what happens:
    (iPHUC Recovery) #: cmd setenv auto-boot true
    Bus error

    [Process completed]

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    something is wrong, unfortunately I do not know what... when I had problems, I finally decided to downgrade further down to 1.0.2... but again, being a Windows user, I used ibrickr 0.91... this basically resets the phone to DFU mode and then downgrades to 1.0.2.

    Once you are there, you can run anySIM on 1.0.2, run oktoprep and the re-update to 1.1.2.. with the baseband updated, I do not think you can actually stay on 1.1.1...

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    okay, well thanks for your help.

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    it might be your itunes. try using the 7.4 not the newest one. You can get it my googling old apps

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    I downgraded from iTunes 7.5 to 7.4.2 before my initial post.

    After another few hours spent on this issue today, using both the suggestions in this string, and those in various other strings and on other sites, I have yet to get anywhere. I'm this | | close to giving up all unlocking efforts and just signing up with AT&T this is a major pain.

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    Default I think this thread is appropriate...
    Please, read my sad and idiotic tale - roll your eyes and then maybe give me a hand.

    I bought an unlocked, perfectly functioning iPhone 1.1.1

    Yesterday I upgraded to 1.1.2 using the tools listed below, following instructions on this site, and everything went perfectly well.
    Jailbreak 1.1.2
    anySIM 1.2.1u

    I then ran iWorld to avoid the phone number format issue. Everything still working beautifully.

    Today I read that 1.1.2 has Australian number formats built in, I just had to go
    to Settings->I can't remember but something International. (By now you're realised that the iPhone is no longer doing so beautifully) I did this but it didn't help the phone number formats. I guessed that iWorld might have caused this issue. I decided to downgrade to 1.1.1 and re-upgrade to 1.1.2

    I did this using iTunes, Independence v1.3beta2 and other instructions on this site.

    When I got to the point where I slide for emergency and call *#307#, I just get the message "Error performing request SIM PIN Required".

    I'm now too scared to proceed to a 1.0.2 downgrade or anything else. So, if, once you've had a laugh at my idiocy, you could offer a solution, I'd be grateful. If you have PayPal, I'll send a small donation to the writer of the first working plan. I'd appreciate pointers on the important things NOT to do, too.

    OK, I'm an idiot - the problem was simply that I'd ignored the instruction to have an unlocked SIM. i.e. not requiring the entry of a PIN when you turn a phone containing that SIM on.
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