So, i found myself at the "Genius Bar" today among the countless others awaiting to have their problem resolved by apple. The cause of my visit, albeit legitimate, was nonetheless nerve-racking and rather loooong. My iphone screen became unresponsive to my commands. Zero, nada, zilch was what would happen when i touched my screen. As im explaining this to the "genius" before me, i notice a glint of skepticism in his eyes while he slyly uncoils a usb cord to hookup my iphone and attempt a futile restore (three times i may add).
After much troubleshooting he resigns and informs me it will have to be replaced. Not that it made a difference to me, after all i had just purchased my iphone less than a week ago. No modding whatsoever was done, yet. But what happened next was just not right. He pulls out a small white box with what would appear to many as a spanking brand new iphone, which upon further inspection would reveal itself to be a refurbished iphone. At the time i did not know this. But my dubiousness did provoke me to ask mr. "genius" if this was indeed a refurbished unit to which he coyly replied "we aren't told if they are or not". Blasphemy!
I dont wanted to come off as malcontented, which i am not. After all i do have a working iphone. But what gets me is the fact that apple is replacing otb damaged iphones with refurbished ones. Its just not fair. If we pay new iphone money, shouldn't we get new iphone money replacements? I know im not alone on this one. I was wondering how many others out there have found themselves in this scenerio and are dubious about the life of their "new" replacements?