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Thread: Buzzing interference during calls

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    Default Buzzing interference during calls
    My iphone has suddenly developed a very annoying buzzing during calls, it doesnt do it all the time which leaves me a little confused as to what the problem is. It seems to do it whenever it chooses doesnt matter what area im in either and is so loud i cant hear who im calling and they cant hear me. Has anyone experienced this? I am thinking about restoring the phone and seeing if that cures it but want to get some other ideas before i do because restoring then reinstalling all the apps is a pain in the arse.
    If its broken does anyone know where i stand on getting it repaired under warranty as its been unlocked? I could restore it and bring it back to standard but how do i explain the lack of an o2 contract? (im in uk)

    Thanks guys

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    If it only happens sometimes then it's very difficult to figure out what's wrong. You can try restoring as you stated above and see if that fixes it. If you restore this brings the phone back to factory and should be under warranty. As far a I know there is nothing in the warranty agreement that says it must be under a wireless contract.

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    Hm, is it the electronic buzzing? Like when you plug it in...interference with magnetized or electronical equipment or something along those lines...

    Try calling where it dosent buzz, then after some time go back to the same spot and see if it buzzes, that we know it is your phone and not the area, try that and report back

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    There is a particular spot where i make calls when i am at home (where im sat right now) and some times it buzzes and sometimes it doesnt so i dont think its the area, when it doesnt buzz i sometimes sound quiet to the person im calling. I have also made calls out in the open and had buzzing so i dont think its interference.
    Back to the warrenty question, wont apple want to know how i know it buzzes during the call if i havent registered it?
    Gonna try and restore it and see what happens

    EDIT - Restored and the buzzing has gone (for now anyway) problem is that now when i make a call the other person can only hear me very faintly. What are the chances i am going to get a repair from apple for this? I understand they cant refuse because of the lack of contract but how do i explain the problem without admitting i have unlocked it?
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    I have been having the same issues recently. It seems to have really started with the update to 3.0 software.

    I barely hear the buzzing on my end, but the people I speak to tell me they hear it and it is loud and almost unbearable. Location does not matter. I can be sitting 2 feet away from my home stereo speakers and it will buzz or not, or I can be standing outback 50 feet from my house, surrounded by woods and it will randomly buzz.

    I have tried restoring back to factory settings, have tried downgrading to a software version prior to 3.0.

    I have a 2G iPhone that is long out of warranty and don't know what to do. I can not afford a new iPhone. I work for a Wireless Provider so I don't pay for service. I don't have a contract, so I can't buy an iPhone for a discounted price. If I want a new iPhone, I have to pay the full, unsubsidized price, which for the 3G is about $400, and for the 3GS is about $800.

    I also have a friend that recently started to experience the same thing. His iPhone is Jailbroken, mine is not.

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    I also have same problem.
    But I have noticed one strange thing when I put my iphone is safe mode, I do not get the interference in between calls, I have checked many times and it works. I think this is coming due to jailbreaking.....Is this safe to run iphone in SAFE MODE?

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    OK so this is going to sound nuts but I had this problem for a while. My problem was my ear!! touching the screen. If you have Vibrus instaled or any other app that makes your phone vibrate when you touch screen it will sound like buzzing.

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    I have this problem now...anyone got a solution to this?


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