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    ok, this is going to be a "backhanded" complaint, but here it goes. I thought being a rebel and jailbreaking our phones was a hobby so that we could experience our iphones to the fullest without the interference of ATT or APPLE. And so far, its been great. But now im seeing that a lot of the best programs that are coming out, are out for profit. i know im a cheap a55 and all, but i was getting used to all the nice programs for free etc. Now i also know a lot of talented people put a lot of their own time and hard earned money to bring a lot of these apps to us. But still, i just noticed that the Video Recorder, which is quite awesome even as demo, is $20. Many other programs are out for 9.95 or so too. To me, those ARE steep prices considering that a person may want 100 of these apps on their phone. I understand that most of us cheap booties never click the donate button, but that adds up too. The way i see it, these programs will in the future be offered free of charge with the purchase of the phone, because without these apps, the iphone is frankly dull, and apple & att would offer the phone with them as incentive, as opposed to offering a empty phone with the ability to spend $1000 more on apps to make the phone more interesting.
    maybe im just plain cheap, but i like being the rebel who gets stuff for free while others pay for it who dont have the ability to learn how to jailbreak and stuff, but $20 for an app??

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    Its tough, man, but the majority of the apps are free, and the ones that are not are usually not too bad.

    In a couple months steeped in the "App-Store", you'll long for these days, when almost everything was free, not $4.95 per app like Apple will most likely charge.

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    the developers dictate price and apple gets a cut. so we may still see free apps even with istore. but making all these games and apps is not easy. i dont blame them for asking for a little kick back on there stuff. Not saying iv paid for any apps. but id rather pay the little guy for an app than let apple get a cut on the action
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    my point is this, if you have to get it thru app store, pay the fee, but it could also be available free of charge thru apptapp or cydia. the providers will still get theres.

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    i agree, its like making a application that will download warez and charge for the application.
    im sure everything will soon change, and hey if they get really greedy, these programs are veeery easy to crack (not that i want to do that)

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    whereis the "how to crack" thread????

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    The developer worked very hard on that application, and some of them its their only source of income, so they have every right to charge if they choose.

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