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Thread: iphone sim card slot faulty

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    Default iphone sim card slot faulty
    hi my sim card slot has become faulty today.i have to keep it pushed in hard for it to there a fix for it or do i have to buy a new sim slot ?.i tried the paper thing behind the sim but no luck.please says no sim case installed. Please help and thanks asif qabil

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    If your phone isnt unlocked, restore and then get a new phone if you cant find an easy solution...

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    phone is unlocked..what u mean get a new fone ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asifqabil View Post
    phone is unlocked..what u mean get a new fone ?
    Well if you were with AT&T, you could just return the phone and get a new one...

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    unfortunately im i spose i should just change the sim slot.....

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    This happened to one of the guys at my job this past friday. He took the phone back to apple who tried themselves to push in the SIM slot but it wouldnt go in so they replaced it anyway. The phone was not activated through at&t but unlocked. Since they couldn't see that on the phone itself they had no choice but to change it.

    Not sure if that'll be the same case for you but just my experience.

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    my sim slot tray can be pushed in fine, it just needs more force from the make the sim work you have to keep the top of the tray pushed in and when you let go it says no sim installed.will i be better off buying a sim tray ?.i mean a new one.


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    just restore and get replaced, and have good story why it wasnt activated for att
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!

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    Get it replaced, your better off anyway. Since your phone will be newer and cleaner etc

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    yeah ok i will do that


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