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Thread: [PROBLEM DISCUSSION] IMEI 4999/No Wifi/No BT....Save Us!!!

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    I found and already installed an app at my iphone named netinfo you can download it and install in through ibrckr ( i dont know how you can install it from mac).
    The author of this tool says that "It displays a subset of the information displayed by "ifconfig" + "netstat -nr"."
    The link is here
    To install NetInfo:
    Connect your phone to pc.
    Open ibrckr
    Navigate to Applications directory
    Make a folder with the name
    Navigate to
    Upload the files of (Default.png ,icon.png,Info.plist,Netinfo) that you have already downloaded to your pc to directory on your iphone
    Open mobile terminal
    navigate to folder : cd /Applications/
    Type : chmod +x NetInfo
    Close mobile terminal
    Reboot your phone
    After these steps you are able to see the netInfo icon on the screen
    Tap on Netinfo and then double tap to view the results

    The results of my iphone are :

    Io0: flags=8049 mtu=16384

    ip1: flags=8011 mtu=1500

    ip2: flags=8011 mtu=1500

    Routing table:
    127 - -
    224.0.0/4 - -

    Does anyone knows what all these results means?
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    Today i found a thread at here
    Its a possible solution i didnt tried yet

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    didn't work for me anyone have any luck?

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    many of the guys here hacked almost everything and im thankful for that, coz it was a great help.. but so far no one had ever solved the no wifi issue.. i hope somebody could help us about this..

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    You are right all possible solutions resides to virginization of the baseband ...this simply dosent work at all for the no wifi issue.

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    I have tried everything and still no wifi/bt

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default Hopeless? Yes, I finally think so.
    I'm sorry if I've missed something here - but as far as I know, there has been no fix for the IMEI issue as well has there?

    My phone is a 1.1.1 Original Week 43 unlocked with anysim but went bad IMEI, No WIFI after i downloaded one of the applications from (navizon maybe?). I have done every guide out there, some more than once because I'm pretty much desperate.

    Even if I could get the phone functionality back without wifi or internet, I would be ecstatic.

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    help modmyi.. give my iphone a wifi.. ahehe..

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    I finally fixed my wifi problem

    Step 1. List phone on ebay saying 'Says no wifi'
    I got $620AUD for it

    Step 2. Look for cheap unlockable iphone.
    After a week of watching ebay I got one for $600AUD, 1.1.1 unlocked

    Now I have a working iphone again and I made $20 out of it!

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    Default Try everything!
    No one solution helps!!! The same problem IMEI always 004999 no wh-fi. So i dont no is it hardwware problem o maby in future will be chance to make it works.

    Problem is i am far from USA and have no possibilities to get apple service. So if any can do this try and inform please. If this dead phone we need to know this and not waste our time to restor bbupdate ierase on so on.
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    I dont really think that is a hardware problem...we all came to this situation after a downgrade/ ugrade or some modification.
    Thats make me beleive that is a software problem.
    Although i didnt heard any expert here to give some serious opinion about that problem.
    You are not the only one that live outside US we are too many
    My last hope is to pray that some guys of den elite team come with the same problem at their iphones so they must force themselves to solve it.
    Just pray with me :P

    At the other hand most of us can have an unlocked 1.0.2 iphone with no wifi but working as phone and ipod right?
    The only think is the procedure to install some apps because the most of the apps outthere are installing through installer app from repositories.
    So please there are to many apps that we ( the no wifi iphone users i mean ) can have IF we find these apps in .app format and NOT through installer.
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    But i can't !

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    I had success with upgrading to 1.1.2 then downgrading to 1.0.2 and rebooting several times then upgrade to 1.1.1 using itunes. Wifi came back, thanks for all the ideas !

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    i have iphone with imei 00499** | no wifi | bluetooth 00:00:00 |
    i have downgrade baseband and virginizer my iphone many time with manu solution but no hope.
    I see that many people have the same problem like me.
    I think that my iphone is 1.1.1 OTB out of the box so that it can't help.
    So is anybody in this forum have a mac OX so please get the ICE04.01.13_G.fls file and ICE04.01.13_G.eep file for anyone can get the phone back to life.
    sorry for my bad english.
    i live in viet nam.

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    I have the bad IMEI problem BUT Wifi and BT are working (and have always worked.)

    I'm pretty sure the problem with the phone started with an accidental upgrade to 1.1.2 from 1.0.2 without running Oktoprep first.

    I've tried Virginizing with and without the SIM card installed - any other ideas?

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    Question Quick Question
    OK all - I have been here since the beginning, 1.0.0. I upgraded to 1.0.2 and tried to unlock it - with anySIM. I do not think it worked - It ran throught the process and ended with an error. I did not continue. My question is, I have still a 1.0.2 phone Jailbroken - Installer on and many programs. I have the 03.14.08_G Baseband and the IMEI code in Settings / General / About is the same on the back of my phone. Should I Update to 1.1.1 or should I devirginize? I do not want to end up screwing my phone up and am looking for advice.


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    Default Fyi
    Even if you didn't unlock, there might be a problem when you restore your phone. I didn't unlock, but I did jailbreak so I could load applications on my iphone. When I restored/updated my phone it got bricked and I had to wait for a week or so before a fix. I was lucky that a friend of mine had an unlock phone which I could use my AT&T sim.

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    Default firmware 1.1.3
    hi, i think the new firmware launched today. is it possible that it might fix our broken iphones?

    well, i've already tried to upgrade to firmware 1.1.3 and go back to 1.0.2. still no wifi or bluetooth and still have the bad imei. has everyone given up with this? should i resign to my iphon wich only works as an ipod?
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    I have the EXACT same problem as monkeyking. Also same phone history (1.1.1 OTB working few weeks then installed some app via, the invalid sim... etc)

    found something new here
    a tool that can send stuff to the baseband

    could this be a step to solve our problem?

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    Does anyone knows/tried to solve the no wifi problem with 1.1.3 firmware ?

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