1.i unlocked iphone using anysim.
2.used it for weeks, then plugged it in a car accessory for fm transmiting radio
3. all colors started going crazy.4.went to gym used it.worked.5got home plugged into itunes 7.3.2 and started doing some never before things. sync with contacts from my comp etc ..i pressed cancel on whatever it was tryin to do, i kinda force stopped it all..unplugged it etc. phone froze.shut down, and been tryin restoring on this and also the newer itunes on a dif comp. all i get is error at the end sayin not done..but makes sense since it was unlocked.thing is....

phone will not show anything besides white screen, or apple logo when restoring. ibrickr keeps giving green screen when i try to boot the phone. i uninstalled itunes...tried restoring last 3 versions, none can get the phone to work.
what can i do...i cant get rid of the white screen or green screen.thanks.