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Thread: a serious battery inquiry

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    Default a serious battery inquiry
    hu folks , this is serious , the li-ion battery of the iphone is charged 300to500 times wich is not much since there are these games and apps and the coming sdk with it's games the battery will be charged many times and u will have t pay for the 70+shipment fees for a new battery , so the question is while charging the battery of the iphone and i'm using the iphone will the power be withdrawn from the battery that is being recharged or form the electricity source where the socket or the usb from computer , and another thing , if the battery is fully charged but it is still connected to the electricty source will the power be withdrawn from the source or the battery cuse in this case keeping the iphone connected after charging will keep the battery healthy and the rate of charging will be reduced increasing it's lifetime , thanks guys and i'm sorry for that long talk but i just waned you to understand my inquiry clearly , thanks again

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    Learn to use periods. I have no idea what the hell you are saying.

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    No. The iphone battery retains 80% of its charger up to about 500 charges. Doesn't mean the battery just stops working
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    The iPhone battery is like any other portable device battery, the more you charge and discharge it the weaker it will get. You can get replacement batteries off ebay if you are that worried and there are plenty of guides if you google on how to fit them. But like most laptop computer batteries the way to get the best life is to charge to full, and then run until empty (shut down of the device) on a regular basis. If you run for for just a half charge and then recharge the Battery "Memory" gets confused and can start thinking the half charge is the battery life it has.
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    Default I c
    The point is if the battery is wasted I can't have another one because I live in Egypt and the battery replacment programe isn't working here and I'll have to wait for the apple to confirm the iPhone in Egypt ,

    And as for ebay it don't deliver to Egypt I think because of the tremendouse. Cost .Egypt is far from hong kong and America
    and another thing , if I bought an extrenal portable battery for the iPhone , I wanted to know if the power Is drained from the extrenal battery r from the one in the iPhone .because while using the external one u don't want to touch the internal battery to keep its life . Thanks again

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    cool Egypt thats like with piramids and stuff, thats got to be neat
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    Says the guy who can't spell pyramids lol!

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