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Thread: Quick help Plz

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    Default Quick help Plz
    Well my iphones been acting up so i want to take it to the SoHo apple store, I used ziphone on a 1.1.4 so i guess i only have to restore to take it to the store, but my question is even though they wont see the iphone has been "tampered" with the iphone wont be activated because i dont have an AT&T account, will they ask me to bring a AT&T SIM or activate it or will they take it freshly restored?

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    activate a prepaid account through itunes. youll be good. i suggest you do a dfu restore and refurbish the phone just to be safe

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    hmm how much is it for the prepaid, and can i use a friends AT&T sim, annnd theres a way to only activate in ziphone, can this be used or will the apple Genius detect it?

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    yes you can use a friends sim. just pop it in, and itunes will recognize its a iphone. will activate it also

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    ok thanks, but one more thing what about the ziphone method of activating, I can choose to only activate without jailbreak or unlock but is this noticeable to apple genius'?

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    luisbk2005,you cant have ONLY activate in an ANY program,you can do:
    Jailbreak ONLY.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

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    no if you go to advanced options u can press activate only
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