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Thread: iPhone vs (Insert Phone name here), doesn't it make you laugh?

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    Default iPhone vs (Insert Phone name here), doesn't it make you laugh?
    I just love when people say, "yea, your iphone is nice but id rather have a tilt" or, "i was gonna get an iphone but i got this blackjack 2 instead, i love it!"
    etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

    I've had my iPhone for ONE week (had a iTouch for a year almost) and everyone seems to follow the same pattern when looking at it.
    Stage 1 - Acknowledge that it's "cool, nice, awesome, etc"
    Stage 2 (starts somewhere around demonstrating the NES, SNES, PSX, and genesis emulator) - Excitement (they say WOW, amazing!)
    Stage 3 (I have noticed this within a few seconds of stage 2 or even a few minutes after they start examining applications) - Sadness, Jealousy, and attempt to criticize. I have even heard, "my fingers would get tired of touching so much."

    Stage 4 (After they realize that this is the coolest cell phone they have ever touched/saw) - "I WAS going to get one, BUT..."

    This is the part where they think of any excuse they can come up with to belittle the iPhone and say their dream phone is better.

    I'm sure everyone else gets this too but it just makes me laugh all the time.

    Nothing that is out can COMPARE to a jailbroken iPhone.

    We are all very lucky to have the greatest phone to date.

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    True Say......Best phone out there so far (or atleast in North America)

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    Lol I was actually about to start a thread exactly like this...

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    i bought a N95... sold it, made some money on it.
    i bought the iphone with the intention of sending it back home (NZ) and making some coin off it after i got sick of it.

    ... dont think ill bother sending it home

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    I hear that alot for some reason. Yeah I was going to get the iPhone but uhhhh yeah I got something or what not. LOL I love that line

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    LOL!!! People either have iPhone or Excuses....

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    Quote Originally Posted by saytovikas View Post
    LOL!!! People either have iPhone or Excuses....
    hahah! yes

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    It is truly the best phone you can get. Some may have functions that the iphone doesn't, but most of them are all hackable. I have never had a phone with such a smooth UI as well, the animations between starting applications are great. Still have not found another phone with an accelerometer, though, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alilo77 View Post
    True Say......Best phone out there so far (or atleast in North America)
    hahah yeh most def. i just wanna go to korea or japan talk about the future. the future is just a 2000 plane ticket away.. literally.

    but yeh i havnt come across any thing that compares to jailbroken iphone.. nothing i mena i can play Road Rash and then pause and call my buddy. come on. the multi touch software or whtever is f-in the greatist
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    iphone vs. payphone

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    I still have to see another phone that can play Pokemon.

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