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Thread: Missed SMS or Call notification

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    Default Missed SMS or Call notification
    How do you know if you got a missed SMS or missed call after the first alert has gone off and I assume it goes back to standby.
    Do you have to take the phone out of standby and look at the display?

    Some phones have a flashing LED which indicate a missed call etc or is displayed on the standby screen


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    the call icon in the dock has the red dot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickyGervais View Post
    the call icon in the dock has the red dot.
    so you need to turn the phone on to see the red dot?

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    yeah you need the screen on?

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    Bringing this thread back from the dead... Anyone know how to make the Iphone give an audible alert when a call/sms has been missed without actually looking at the screen???

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    windows mobile does that, not iPhone.

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    i miss the flashing LED's on Windows Mobiles. Normal Green flash for signal, when you have a missed call or txt msg it would change to Orange. No need to turn the phone on to check for notifications.

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    I think it's something that was missed by apple. I think every cell phone out there has that feature (well the ones I have used anyways). That would probably save battery life too.

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    Again bringing this thread from the dead.

    Anyone has found any hacks that would provide persistent AUDIBLE notification for missed calls, SMS, etc.

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    Yes Please!!!!!!!

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    The only one I know of is Caterpillar. It has a bunch of different features. One of them is to remind you about a missed call or SMS. You can set the time interval for notification and set vibrate or tone or both. You can download a trial version good for 2 days. I paid for mine and think it is well worth the money. It has alot of potential. This is the program that also gives you 5 Icon dock and reflection. You can get it from the following source:

    Try it you will probably like it.

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    Thanks dartman66! That certainly does the trick. And as you said, it seems to be a nice set of features as well.

    Kind of pricey though! About $58 for an unlimited subscription. That's steeeeep.... specially with the $ being in the crapper these days!
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    Hi guys I see you had a discussion regarding that red dot that notifies you that you have X-amount of unread txt messages. I'm using SMSD and am not getting that notification on there, how do I change this please?

    Oh, and yes I have jailbroken my phone and have fiddled around (successfully) with the ssh feature, so if someone could please tell me how to "import/copy" this feature into mobile SMSD from mobileSMS or something the like, I would be very grateful . . .

    Thank you kindly . . .

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