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Thread: trying to replace my iphone

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    Default trying to replace my iphone
    Hi all
    i have an iphone with air bubbles in the screen. I am trying to get it replaced. I tried it last time at an apple store, but the genius wants me to activate the phone on the spot, since i dont have an iphone plan i couldn't activate, so first try was unsuccessful.
    So my real question is, is it possible for me to go in with someone's sim, who actually has the iphone plan, to the apple store. then get my phone replaced.


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    I do not think so as the sim owner has his phone registered with serial number and it would not match.
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!

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    so is there anyway that i can get my iphone replaced without an iphone plan?

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    yeh tell them you got as gift. and be like i just opened my sweet new present and its a broken iphone awsome, than just tell him you dont have a credit card with you or that ur not 18 suttin like that. they cant make you activate. shez i walked out of att and my cuz was like so is it ready to work. they said oo nono you have to do that at home, hah tell apple to suck it and have them replace
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    just get a pre paid account. i did it yesterday. it didnt even fully activate and they swapped out my phone. i wanted them to give me an 8 gig (i have a 4 gig) couldn't believe they still had 4 gigs left. ohh well, got me a new phone lol

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    what kind of prepaid account do i need?

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    you need to acctivate it on itunes. i fawked up and wen tot an AT&T store and activate done of my clean sims i had. when you do it on itunes. it costs 50 bucks.

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