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Thread: ANT aplication a VIRUS

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    Default ANT aplication a VIRUS
    PLEASE READ !!! i thought id jus let the community know whatsup k

    remember how in the past few weeks everyone has been blameing iswitcher or apptapp for the bug crashes well i jus had it happen to me again but this was really odd you know that ANT program where it crawls all over your screen well they was crawling alright and they were in a line and it looked like a centipede and it then stretched out into 2 lines then 3 lines of ants i think that program may be a virus i have had that ant program in my phone so far on every crash that has happened to me this is the first time though that application has done that durring a crash ....... can someone plz check out that application i think its a lil buggy

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    that app sucks anyways...i used it once when it first launched then i unistalled and never thought twice

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    It's NOT a Virus but a very badly coded software that is highly UNSTABLE and tends to destroy the phone's core system making the phone crash and reboot in loops

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    I never really saw the point in it, I think I ran it once or twice and soon got bored?

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    i was kinda having fun when it first came out i like squishing the ants n e ways so i take it then that app is the cause for everyones crash recently ? wish i would of known that b4 cuz each time my phone crashed.....that app was installed on my cell if u change the setting to even 30 ants the thing slows down the system

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    Good lord, man, learn to properly format and spell! Your entire first post is ONE sentence full of errors, and your second one isn't any better. Please take the time to properly express yorself for everyone's sake.

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