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Thread: Iphone General Question (I got 2 for free)

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    Default Iphone General Question (I got 2 for free)
    So, I have Sprint with a Treo right now. My wife has a phone on my plan.

    I have a 900 min, 200 txt each, free night and weekend plan, with Data only on the Treo.

    I pay $100 a month.

    Now, I order some stuff from work, and of of the orders came with free iPhones.

    got to say, nice little deal.

    Anyway, how should I do this? I would LOVE to use these as phones, but that would include PAYING to get out of my contract with Sprint. But, I really dont mind that much, since I have $800 of free phones too.

    But can I use these things without service as iPods, and internet apps?

    What would you guys do?

    PS Love the forums, lurk here from time to time, and thanks for your replies in advanced.

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    Up to you

    you can jailbreak them and use them as ipod touch

    sell one on ebay? lol

    Can I ask what you ordered? lol

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    just unlock them and use them with your current sims. look in the wiki guides at the top and they will explain everything. Lucky guy 2 free iphones!! hopefully you wont get calls asking for them back

    unless iphone doesnt work with sprint. not familiar with american service providers. Get some pay and go sims and use them with them, then you can use all functions : )
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    Yeah, I ordered 2 Sonicwall Firewalls from Sonicguard (online retalier).

    They have a special this month I guess. So I got these things in my hand, and they are free free free.

    But AT&T is some expensive service. Hahah Will it work as a Touch? Can I use internet and all that stuff? Email, maps, youtube, all good?

    Jailbreak method, right?
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    Yes to all your questions. But it's sweet as a mobile phone, too!
    Sydney, Australia
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    i will trade you my laptop and car stereo system for one!

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