i was hoping someone might have some more insight on the issue.

i have a 2wire wireless router in my house.

running on Firmware 1.0.2 and below, it finds router but wont connect, sometimes it'll show its connected but when u try and use the internet it switches over to edge.

running on Firmware 1.1.1, it finds the router, connects, but whenever u try and use the internet nothing happens, i have to manual turn off (wifi) or disconnect from my router to use the internet

running on Firmware 1.1.2, it connects and works with no problems.

someone please HELP! I'm trying to downgrade my firmware to jailbreak 1.1.2 but i get stuck in the 1.0.2 processes of needing wifi to downgrade/virganize from baseband 4.03. to 3.xxx