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Thread: enabling speaker sounds when earphones connected?

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    Default enabling speaker sounds when earphones connected?
    Hi guys,

    This is annoying the hell out of me - wondering whether anyone knows of a fix?

    My earphones are basically permanently connected to my iPhone - whether the phone is in my pocket, sitting on my desk etc. This being the case, i get no audio out of the speaker except for the incoming call ringer. All other system/alert sounds automatically default to the earphones. Therefore if the earphones are not in my ears (the majority of the time), i get no audible SMS alert tone, no audible meeting reminder etc. Also, when typing an SMS or email, i get no audible keyboard clicks (which makes typing exponentially more difficult). It makes no sense to have to either disconnect my earphones or put them in my ears simply to type an SMS???????

    There ought to be a user-defineable option to send sounds to both earphones & speaker (as happens with the incoming call ringer).

    Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?

    (1.1.2, jailbroken, unlocked)

    Cheers, Andy

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    um.. i would say take ur head phones out of phone when ur not using them.. set to vibrate and place on hard desk..???
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    vibrate on a hard surface is moderately ok. only really works if you are close to the phone though. Ideally i'd like to know when i receive an SMS even if i am on the other side of the room.

    obviously i could continue to plug in & replug my earphones 20 times a day, but life would just be that little bit simpler, and more Apple-like perhaps :-) if I didn't have to... especially given that the only really workable solution that i've found to keep the earphones from becoming frustratingly tangled in my pocket is to have them plugged into the phone and wrapped longways around the phone itself (the absence of a "slider" on the iphone earphones [a la my ipod shuffle earphones] lends itself to crazy tangles otherwise)

    really wondering whether anyone has written an app that allows this really useful bit of functionality that Apple appears to have overlooked

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